Divacup diaries! Haha

So tonight I will be sleeping with my diva cup in. I’m nervous but I have faith. Today it has worked just fantastic. The only issue I’ve had is getting it at the right angle but there’s a learning curve. I think I got it now. For me the best position is sitting with my legs spread and once I’ve relaxed I just spread my lips,then ease the cup in. Once its in I grip the base and turn a bit to make sure it has sealed lol.

Also the stem! The stem can get quick uncomfortable but you can trim it if you like. I have yet too but I may not because I like the reassuring feeling that its there haha. Also the cup didn’t travel up much but it did a little. If that happens just bear down a bit and once you got the stem, break the suction and ease out :)

Its so much easier than I thought it would be to insert it. So glad I found out about this!